Ama Victoria Enterprise Agreement 2018

We expect the agreements to be adopted next week. The parties also decided to take the issue of long-term leave to an arbitration tribunal because it is clear that we cannot agree on interpretation. The point of contention is that once the proposed agreements have been finalized, the Department of Health and Human Services will present the proposed agreements for final approval by the government before a staff vote is held in accordance with the Fair Work Act. Any changes to the current rules will be implemented as soon as possible. The contracting parties to this agreement agree to meet as soon as possible in order to reach a final agreement by 12 January 2018. This will be done as soon as both agreements have been concluded. There are still a number of steps to finalize all the changes. However, wage increases will be paid operationally from the first salary period, starting January 1, 2018. Thus, you will be refunded until that date. 40 Article 42 – Increase in pay and remunerationENNEUE Clause This clause provides: For a 3% increase in salaries, salaries and allowances from FFPPOA from 1 January 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021.

Additional 6% increase in wages from 1 January 2018. No, a number of conditions for specialists (excluding salary increases) are not paid if the tradesman already receives an equal or greater condition. It is a recognition that we are integrating unregulated conditions into the technical agreement in order to create protected national conditions. AMA Victoria – VPS Medical Specialists Agreement 2018-2021 One of our goals was intergovernmental parity. Current agreements between states have 2% – 2.5% PA wage increases and relatively few changes in employment conditions. This package better positions Victoria in terms of wages and interstate conditions. The matter was discussed at the conference before a new Fair Labour Commissioner, Vice-President Young, on Thursday, February 6, where the parties will keep the Commissioner informed of the matter and the progress made on issues raised since the last conciliation hearing. The parties are likely to try to reach agreement on a conciliation timetable. If I have already signed a contract for 2018, do I still receive the bonus sign and salary increase? The first hearing of the Compendium at WADA/ASMOF Victoria took place on Thursday 5 September at the Fair Labour Commission (FWC). This hearing provided an opportunity for the parties to present their respective positions on the dispute. The Victorian Hospitals` Industrial Association (VHIA) told the Commissioner that it did not believe that WADA/ASMOF had exhausted all the possibilities offered by the litigation procedure in the agreement and that, therefore, the Commission should not be able to resolve most of the issues raised in the dispute.

WADA/ASMOF Victoria disagrees and believes that we have complied with the requirements in litigation proceedings. Agreements become enforceable 7 days after approval. We will continue to enforce the rights agreed by physicians under the 2018 Enterprise Agreements and will continue to keep you informed of the progress of the compendium dispute. For any questions, please contact the AMA Victoria Workplace Relations team on (03) 9280 8722.

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