An Agreements For Clinical Supervision Between A Supervisor And Supervisee

As a line manager for the client, advisor and organization, the importance of your position is clear in the following statements: As noted above, your first clinical supervisory duties are to enter into a behavioral contract, to know your supervisors and to outline the requirements of supervision. Before the first meeting, you should send a letter of support to the manager expressing the Agency`s desire to provide quality clinical monitoring experience. They may require the counsellor to think about what he or she wants to accomplish in terms of supervision, the skills they need to work on, and the essential functions they use in the substance abuse counselling certification process that they are most able to do. The decision tree described in Figure 5 (p. 16) shows how a superior can deal with a situation in which he or she is concerned about a possible ethical or legal violation by an advisor. A comprehensive documentation system is Falveys (2002a) Focused Risk Management Management System (FoRMSS), which provides templates for recording emergency contact information, surveillance profiles, a logging sheet for monitoring, an initial case check, surveillance files and an end-of-the-account form. Given the realities of the drug treatment field (limited funding, time priorities, counsellors and facilitators without advanced academic training and clients with urgent needs in a short treatment environment), the plan described below can be a useful structure for follow-up. It is based on a scenario in which a supervisor supervises one or five advisors. This plan is based on several principles: in monitoring the performance of consultants, an important and often difficult supervisory task is to manage staff or people who should not be consultants. This is the Gatekeeping function. Part of the dilemma is that you were most likely trained first as an advisor and that your values are in this area. You have been taught to recognize and work on individual boundaries, always respecting the goals and needs of the individual. But they also have a responsibility to preserve the quality of the profession and to protect the well-being of customers.

This ensures that you are responsible for verifying the suitability of the advisor and are required to meet the standards of the profession. For more information on tutor competency measurement tools and self-assessment tools and random checks, please see: How should a counsellor be assigned before disciplinary action is required? Clear job descriptions and statements about the scope of practice and competency are important when confronted with an aggrieved advisor. How tired or worried can an advisor be before a supervisor removes the advisor from the network for these or other similar reasons? They need administrative support for these interventions and to identify approaches to the management of worn consultants. The consensus body recommends that your organization have a Personnel Assistance Program (EAP) so that you are able to evict your staff outside the Agency. It is also important that you learn the distinction between supervision and self-referral. Self-referral may include a recommendation from the supervisory authority, while monitoring usually occurs in the event of a work problem.

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