B2B Agreements

You should always have B2B (business-to-business) agreements. No matter what service you offer to other companies, whether in person or online saaS, a B2B contract protects you in a way you can`t imagine. When your Business-to-Business (B2B) Business Lawyer develops e-commerce agreements and technology contracts, each deal contains clear clauses that examine things such as the product or service sold and payment terms. This principle, already in force in the B2C agreements, will now apply to B2B agreements, although it is less extensive. According to the Belgian Parliament, this clause is intended to ensure that a party knowingly makes the decision to conclude an agreement. To this end, the contractual terms of one party should be sufficiently accessible and understandable to the other party. In addition, companies should avoid using ambiguous or contradictory language. In order to limit potential liability, disclaimers are generally included in e-commerce and technology agreements, in order to prevent one party from making claims beyond the risk that the other party is prepared to assume. For example, it is customary for an e-commerce professional not to guarantee only a particular product that is covered by the agreement (for example. B software) is appropriate for a specific purpose. These rules apply to all types of agreements between all types of enterprises, regardless of size or market power (unlike the rules on abuse of economic dependence). Therefore, it is not only the terms of a company that are covered, but all the agreements it enters into with other companies.

Our B2B agreements have made it clear that we have the right to close his account and end all access if he stops paying for his monthly subscription to our service. Here are 11 themes that are often addressed in e-commerce contracts and technology agreements. So far, the law provides exceptionally that financial services or procurement agreements are excluded from these rules. However, the law provides for the possibility of applying them in part to such agreements by royal decree. ”Functionality and flexibility allow us to directly integrate specific agreements into multiple accounts receivable, reducing the time and volume of managing all of our customer datasets.” The digital age has profoundly changed consumer expectations, particularly with regard to the purchasing process.

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