Bible Verses Family Disagreements

1. Relocate your focus from the search for personal fulfillment and happiness in search of God to please and glorify. Christians have become bogged down in our cultural quest for personal fulfillment and happiness. We fell into the trap of using God and the Bible to make us happy. But if he does not seem to deliver the goods, then we save from our marriages or seek fulfillment in worldly joys, instead of submitting ourselves to God`s resolution for our personal and family life. If you are unhappy in your marriage, the reason you should seek advice is not for you to be happy. You must receive help, because a marriage marked by conflict does not please God and glorifies him. That`s what you should do. How important would it be for you to allow God to heal your heart, especially as we enter this very family-centered time of the year? Are you ready to take a deeper look at a biblical approach to healing? Let us pray this week that God may soften the part of our hearts that could be so hard that we could not take this first step towards forgiveness and healing. Chances are you`re in conflict with or leaving with a family member. While conflict is never fun, it can be a great opportunity for all participants to grow in their understanding of grace and truth. Below are some resources that will help you deal with conflicts in a way that honors God and the person with whom you are in conflict. In the days of Abram and Sarais, cultural pressure may not have been as pervasive as it is today, but they were still powerful.

Like fish that don`t realize they`re wet, we all tend to be so immersed in our culture that we don`t realize how much it affects us. In their culture, there was a lot of pressure to have children, especially sons. The sons guaranteed the continuation of your last name. The sons have shown that you are rich and blessed. Being childless was a sign of the charge. This stigma was so strong that if a woman could not produce children, the custom for her was to give one of her maids to her husband as a concubine. The children of this union became the children of the woman. Proximity to family relationships complicates conflict management. If you are faced with family conflicts, there are a few general rules to follow: Is your home like this? If you have to admit it`s too short, take a heart! So is Abram`s house. There were arguments in his house because he and Sarai with some cultural customs related to the family and some of God`s principles. The conflict between the descendants of Abram by Ishmael (the Arabs) and Isaac (the Jews) continues to this day. But by learning from Abram`s mistakes, we can avoid the problems he found himself in and repair the damage to our families.

The incident recorded in Genesis 16:1-6 tells us that … So we will have family problems if we give in to false cultural customs instead of following God`s plan. And our culture puts pressure on our family to violate the Word of God. Abram asked Sarai to do to Agar what was good in Sarai`s eyes (15:6). Bad advice! He should have told her to do what is good in the eyes of the Lord. The Bible gives us God`s plan for the family. The main purpose of the Bible is to teach us how to love God and each other (Matthew 22:37-40). We do not need to turn to worldly wisdom (which has flowed into the Church through psychology) to learn to live in our families.

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