Creditor Cannot Provide Credit Agreement

I have two debts to Link Financial, which bought Barclaycard`s debts. I`ve read many times, including from conversations with Payplan, that Link Financial is hard to handle. I chose a different approach with Link Financial because those debts are still in my credit report. I wrote to them asking them to produce copies of the Ccas they came back, and I advised them that they were not in a position to do so. I am now fighting for the default date to be changed in my credit file so that these debts fall off my credit file because they are more than 6 years old. I have not yet stopped paying these debts, so the defaults are displayed in my credit file. It seems that a common problem with Barclaycard is that when they sell on debts, they have not entered the credit default date in the credit file, even though they have already issued a written late payment notice. Link Financial then buys the debt and begins the failed date as the date on which they acquired the debt. I hope this month I will have confirmation that this debt disappeared from my credit file after the Barclaycard Complaint Department agreed to change the default date after filing a complaint about Resolver. However, it was a fight that Link Financial and Barclaycard were initially responsible for correcting the wrong standard date, and the barclaycard Payments Solutions team, which gave conflicting advice based on the day of the week. Also, Link Financial answered my QUESTION CCA on September 03rd – said up to 6 weeks for an answer. To date, it has not been released.

On November 5, I received a september 27 statement listing payments made between March and September 2020. It states that ”the current sites represent the remaining balance due, since you did not maintain the payments in accordance with the terms of the original agreement, so that the full amount was due.” He asks me to contact them to discuss my account – also says, ”This message is given in accordance with the Consumer Credit Act 1974.” Nowhere, however, does it recognize that the debt is currently unenforceable. 4. A copy of all the other documents mentioned in the agreement. If the original creditor has sold the debt to another company, the new company becomes a ”creditor” and must process your application. If the new entity disagrees, it must tell you who can provide you with the information or forward your request to the original creditor itself. You need help responding to the application form. It is too late to ask only the CCA, you must submit a defence in the short period of time that is allowed and also apply for the CCA agreement.

If the debts are in a DMP, you must ask the DMP company to stop paying them. To tell them the letter from the creditor that they cannot find the agreement. What I do not want to do is draw their attention to the fact that the address is wrong, because they are simply reconstructing the letter the old-fashioned way – how can I tell them that it is not applicable without them simply repeating the agreement? Hello, Sara, my mother died a few months ago, and we`re in the process of filing her finances.

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