Digital Sender User Agreement

3 Accreditation program for USARCENT G6 AI. UNCLASSIFIED / / FOUO v. The classification limit between the classified and unclassified network requires the vigilance and attention of all users. The classified network is also a purely American system and is not accredited for the transfer of NATO equipment. d. The ultimate responsibility for protecting information rests with the user. The publication of TOP SECRET information on the classified network is a security violation and is considered and treated as a security breach or a misdemeanor. 5. Unclassified processing of information.

The unclassified network is the main unclassified automated administration tool for USARCENT. The unclassified network is a purely American system. one. The unclassified network provides unclassified communications with external DoDs and other U.S. government organizations. In the first place, this is done by email and internet network protocols such as web, ftp, telnet. B. The unclassified network is licensed for the processing of UNCLASSIFIED, SENSITIVE information, in accordance with local rules regarding automated information system security management programs. c. The unclassified network and the Internet, as considered by this organization, are synonymous.

and attachments are sensitive to interceptions when they pass through NIPRNET and the Internet. 6. Minimum safety rules and requirements. As a network user and/or unclassified user, the following minimum security rules and requirements apply: a. Staff are only allowed access to the classified network and network if USARCENT personnel security requirements are fully met. B. I completed the user safety training module at the Fort Gordon site. I will participate in all training programs (including threat detection, physical security, acceptable use policies, malicious content and logic identification and non-standard threats such as social engineering) before accessing the system. c. I produce, save and protect passwords or passwords.

Passwords are business best practices. I am the only authorized user of this account. d. I only use authorized hardware and software. I will not install or use any public domain hardware, software, shareware or software. E. I use virus control methods before downloading or searching for information from a system, floppy disk, attachment or CD. f. I will not try to access or process data that exceeds the classification level of the IS allowed.

g. I will not modify, modify, configure or use operating systems or programs unless expressly authorized. H. I will not introduce executable code (e.g.B. .exe,.com,VBs or.bat files) without permission or malicious code writing.

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