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The result will be a governance framework for clinical trials, an important first step towards consistent national accreditation of health services conducting clinical trials in Australia that will eventually be included in national quality health and safety standards. Important results indicate that in public health organizations in Australia in 2015-16: Department of Health Tasmania Research Governance Governance Office Clinical Quality, Regulation and Accreditation Email: research.governance@health.tas.gov.au Web: health.tas.gov.au/research NSW Health HREC will conduct audits for private websites when an agreement has been signed by external organizations. Da die Macquarie University `ber eine vollstundig constitutioniertes HREC verf-gt, das gem-den Richtlinien des NHMRC arbeitet, w`re eine Vereinbarung `ber external Einrichtungen mit verschiedenen HRECs im Bereich der `ffentlichen Gesund` As the institution`s risk management process, research conducted on the university`s sites must be reviewed in accordance with Macquarie University`s ethics and governance processes. This law covers the collection and processing of health information. The St. Vincent`s Hospital Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) is the HREC accredited lead and can verify human research applications involving adults over the age of 18, which are conducted within each NSW public health organization, other participating public health organizations under the National Mutual Acceptance (NMA) and non-public health organizations, as part of an agreement on external entities. The Council presents current thinking and best practices at the government level and is regularly reviewed and updated to reflect changes in government policy, health advice and the needs of those who conduct and participate in clinical research in Australia. Researchers conducting health research with the participation of Aboriginal communities and Torres Strait Islander Communities must apply to the Aboriginal Health and Medical Research Council. This must be approved before being submitted to the HREC. The Department of Health commissioned Ernst and Young (EY) on behalf of the Clinical Trials Project Reference Group (CTPRG) to analyze recruitment and engagement issues in Australian clinical trials. These are complex issues because no government or agency controls all the levers to make positive changes. EY was asked to provide advice on how best to improve clinical trial recruitment in Australia and conducted extensive consultations as part of its research.

ACT Health Directorate Research Ethics and Governance Office Email: ethics@act.gov.au or research.governance@act.gov.au Web: health.act.gov.au/research/research-ethics-and-governance Phone: 02 5124 7968 Although there have been sectoral improvements from collaborations to date, much remains to be done to improve the environment for clinical trials in Australia.

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