Independent Director Agreement

5. Non-competition. During the term of the agreement and for a period of twelve (12) months after the dismissal or resignation of the director of the board of directors of the company or one of its subsidiaries or related companies (the ”restricted period”), the director may not contact, either directly or indirectly (i) in any way with a transaction relating to the current activities of the company or a company. which is then exercised by the company, is competitive. , one of its subsidiaries or one of its companies linked (”the company`s business”) to its own benefit of the director or to the benefit of a person or organization other than the company or a related subsidiary or subsidiary; (ii) as an owner, owner, shareholder, partner, lender, director, employee, director, director, employee, employee, advisor, agent or other participant in a transaction that is competitive with the company`s business; however, the director, directly or indirectly only as an investment, does not exceed 2% (2%) outstanding securities of a natural or legal person listed on a national stock exchange or that are traded regularly on the market without a prescription, regardless of whether that person or entity engages in business activities that are competitive with the company`s activities. In addition, during the limited period, the director may not develop real estate that can be used in the business on behalf of a person or organization other than the company, its subsidiaries and related companies. (a) director`s service. The Director will serve as director of the company in accordance with the company`s statutes for a period of three years (the ”duration”) and will perform all the functions of director of the company, including, but without limitation, to (1) may participate in the meeting, (2) to these committees of the board of directors (each ”committee”) to which the director has been appointed; (3) participate in the meetings of each committee of which the director is a member ( 4) carry out, on behalf of the company, the duties of the director in good faith and in a manner that is not in the best interests of the company, and (5) provide appropriate monthly assistance to the management of the company in order to assist the management of the company in strategic planning, management control , the financial reporting system and the budget and other areas of organizational development and operational performance improvement.

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