Parkland County Road Use Agreement

Wetaskivin County`s road infrastructure is intended for public use and Wetaskiwin County recognizes that the economy and industry (resources/promotion) depend on road infrastructure. Sometimes the demands of HGV traffic on the roads often exceed the capacity of roads, which can damage and make the roadway dangerous. Agricultural producers (including commercial tractors) can drive with 90% legal weight on roads that are limited to a 75% traffic ban in the spring without obtaining the authorization under the Road Traffic Protection Regulations. Section 6.0 Exceptions, Point 6.6.You can complete the road use agreement application for instruction or, for more information, contact the Public Works Department at 780-362-6221. Farmers wishing to travel beyond 90% of legal axle weights must sign a road use contract and obtain permission from Roadata Services (888-830-7623). An access point is access to your accommodation from the main street. Parkland County manages approaches to access to real estate to ensure that all approaches meet approved standards. Please send email-finished approach apps to Further information on road damage caused by heavy traffic can be provided to the Protection Services Department 780-352-0005 or to the Public Works Department at 780-361-6221.

The Wetaskiwin County Road Use Agreement Policy aims to preserve road infrastructure while minimizing publicly funded maintenance costs and protecting the safety of all road users. This is why it is necessary for businesses and businesses (resources/extraction) to agree on traffic management agreements, which can cause damage to our roads. The county monitors these roads and ensures that road use agreements are implemented to avoid problems that may arise, such as damage to roads.B. This means that residents who access their seasonal docks, elevators and swimming platforms through County Land must obtain county approval and include this authorization when applying through the province. If you would like to offer a deviation from engineering design standards, please use our Variance form at Engineering Design Standards Proposal. Send the completed form to Applications can be submitted to Road use agreements are site-specific and are valid for the journey inside and outside the site, as concrete pumping trucks cannot drive below 100% per axle. Some roads within the county have annual traffic bans, which therefore require a RUA authorization to pass these prohibitions during non-ban periods. You can complete the road application and submit it for public works verification or other information, please contact the Public Works Department at 780-361-6221.

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