Road Access Agreement

These cases were easy to decide because the maps and measurements did not clearly delineate actual access. However, over time, the lack of direct access to a highway has turned into a theory that there is no reasonable access. That is, the property is adjacent to a highway, but some sort of geographic problem complicates access; that is, a stream (not impossible to cross, but incredibly expensive to get the necessary permissions to cross) or a steep slope or slope that requires so much excavation work that it is not convenient to access. This line of legal reasoning, which requires adequate access, can change the landscape of judicial servitude, which has an impact on real estate. This short series deals with the common problems of rural property, namely access services, road maintenance agreements, and well and irrigation services. 2) The agreement should mention a consideration to be paid for access to the road If you have any questions about easements, especially access services, please contact the lawyers of the BPE Law Group and we will be happy to help you with your real estate needs…

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