Self Employed Hairdresser Agreement

Chris Dobbs, an employment lawyer, is investigating an important ruling for independent hairdressers in the Meghan Gorman case. But a retired hairdresser is already self-employed. They already have a store, so the chances that they will decide to leave and set up a hair salon on the street are probably higher than for most employees. You have different rights at work, depending on your employment status. People who are ”workers” have much more protection than ”workers” and ”self-employed” have very few rights. However, at a preliminary hearing in March, a labour judge found that this was a case of what the unions call ”fake work”. The court ruled that Ms. Gorman was in fact an employee of the company and was therefore entitled to assert all her claims. Self-employed workers do not have labour rights, but workers are entitled to holiday pay and minimum wage, while workers have a much wider range of rights, including maternity/paternity allowance and statutory severance pay. Employment status is an ever-changing area of labour law.

The way people work and the rise of the Gig Economy in recent years have put status at the top of the list of legal issues. Courts tend to be very intolerant and the wording of a contract alone is not enough to decide. Independent contractor – a self-employed person who offers the public an independent hairdressing and/or beauty care service in a salon that is owned and operated by another person or company. NHF offers a wide range of member support services, including legal, labour and financial advisory services. To learn more about how to become a chair tenant, click here: NHF members benefit from free chair rental contracts: and can download a free expert guide only for members for chair tenants: As a freelance hairdresser, hairdresser or beauty therapist, you must comply with the GDPR which establishes strict data protection rules…

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