Strategic Mandate Agreement Queens

At the end of 2017, Queen`s concluded discussions with the Ontario Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development and signed its Strategic Mandate Agreement (SMA) for the three-year period 2017-20. The ADM expresses some of the strengths that distinguish Queen`s University of Ontario in the post-secondary education system and contains a number of MAESD commitments. The first round of Strategic Mandate Agreements (2014-17) was negotiated in 2014 with individual institutions on the basis of Ontario`s differentiation policy framework for post-secondary education (PDF 250 KB). During the period of validity of these programs, the government reviewed and amended the funding formula for Ontario universities. The current round of strategic mandate agreements (2017-20) promotes the achievement of their differentiation objectives and objectives, which are to ensure financial sustainability throughout the higher education system. SMAS is a key part of the province`s accountability framework for all ontario post-secondary institutions. They outline the government`s objectives and priority areas for the higher education system, outline performance-related funding details, set transparency and accountability targets, and set targets and targets for the next five years through 2024-25. Queen`s and the Ontario government have concluded the university`s latest Strategic Mandate Agreement (ADM) and is now fully available on the Ministry of Colleges and Universities website. Read more: Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development Read more about The Queen`s Strategic Agreement. The ADM completed by the Queen follows almost a year of consultations and negotiations between the province and an internal working group at Queen`s.

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