U.s.-Poland Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement

Andrzej Duda said that the agreement was above all a guarantee of security for Poland and for this part of Europe. ”Anyone familiar with politics knows very well that the conclusion of this agreement will not only have a military impact, but that it will not only result in the military presence of the United States – personnel and infrastructure … – It is above all a guarantee of safety. for Poland and for this whole part of Europe,” the President said. As for jurisdiction over US soldiers, the Polish-US agreement is based on NATO`s SOFA agreement, signed by all all allies. It was designed in 1951. Poland and the United States on Saturday signed an agreement on enhanced defense cooperation. The United States has similar agreements with other NATO allies than Belgium, Hungary and Romania. The United States appreciates our strong bilateral relations with Poland.

We look forward to Poland`s swift ratification of the EDCA, which will enable us to fully implement the enhanced defence cooperation desired by Presidents Trump and Duda. ”The agreement will enhance our military cooperation and strengthen the U.S. military presence in Poland to further strengthen NATO deterrence, strengthen European security, and ensure democracy, freedom and sovereignty,” U.S. President Donald Trump said in a statement. The Polish-US agreement on strengthening defence cooperation complements statements made last year by the presidents of the two countries to increase the number of US employees by at least 1,000 by 4,500. Defence24.pl indeed discovered that the agreement should also create a legal framework for an enhanced US military presence. It also lays the groundwork for strengthening this presence in the future and for organizing more military exercises involving the United States. The additional infrastructure put in place through the aforementioned agreement would rapidly increase the number of US troops stationed in Poland to 20 thousand, especially in crisis situations, by strengthening Poland`s ability to play the role of host country. .

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