University Of Oklahoma Rate Agreement

*There are a few exceptions to these rates and if you have any questions, you should contact your grants and contracts specialist. All activities carried out in institutions that are not members of the institution and for which the rent is directly allocated to the project(s) are subject to the off-campus rate. If more than 50% of a project is carried out off-campus, the off-campus rate applies to the entire project. You must indicate if the project is as follows: research, teaching or other sponsored activity and choose the rate for the associated campus. Our R&A rate agreement contains the negotiated rate, which is summarized below. It is possible that the state rate is lower than the federal rate. If travel is projected on federal rewards, use the federal fare. If the proposal is a public authority, use the state tariff mentioned on the entity`s website. If you expect the trip to be lower than the federal/national fare, explain why. An indirect cost is only a mechanism for determining in a fair and practical manner, within the limits of sound management principles, the share of costs that each support programme of the organizational unit should bear (see table below). The indirect cost is the total indirect cost necessary to support all research and other projects supported by the organisation unit, divided by the direct costs of the same projects, without undue costs such as tuition fees and equipment. Indirect costs in the numerator of the equation must be proportionate to the direct costs of the denominator.

The total cost of all third-party funded projects consists of expenditure related to direct and indirect activities (institutions and administrations). The Oklahoma State Constitution, in Section 10, Section 15, prohibits the extension of state resources through loans or loans to individuals, businesses, entities or associations, municipalities, or political subdivisions. Indirect costs represent actual costs incurred by the university for each program, whether or not these costs are reimbursed by the sponsor. For the current collective agreement of 25 January 2016 (covered for 01.07.16-30.06.2019). A provisional course using the same rates and conditions as for the year ended 30 June 2019 is used until 01.07.19. Extract of common secondary performance rates based on the current agreement. FY21 Fringe Conseil (pdf) For projects financed by the private sector, it is necessary to fully recover the negotiated rate in force. Fringe Benefits Conseil are negotiated as part of the OU`s overall collective agreement. The rate of a person on a proposal depends on their appointment to the OU. If it is a full-time appointment, two rates are possible: one with OTRS retirement and the other without .

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