University of Oklahoma Rate Agreement

Usually, no fixed fares are provided by sponsors, but note that federal sponsors need an IP to comply with the Fly America Act, which means flights must be scheduled with U.S. airlines. If the trip is international, some countries have reciprocal agreements with the United States that can be used for offers. There is also some acceptance for using non-U.S. airlines if you plan to make multiple stops within a country or between abroad. Sponsors may also limit the cost or location of travel, or impose specific travel requirements in their advertising. It is possible that the state rate is lower than the federal rate. If travel expenses are projected onto federal premiums, use the federal fare. If the proposal applies to a state agency, use the state rate listed on the university`s financial services website. For all activities carried out in facilities that are not owned by the institution and to which the rent is allocated directly to the project(s), the off-campus rate applies.

If more than 50% of a project is carried out off-campus, the off-campus rate applies to the entire project. You must specify whether the project is: research, teaching or other sponsored activities, and select the rate for the associated campus. Our Q&A collective agreement contains the negotiated rate, which is summarized below. To obtain ORS approval for non-OR plans, contact your POS or read the instructions and complete an application, then send the application and required documents to your Proposal Development Specialist (PDS) for processing. Per diems must be listed according to federal government rates. If the trip is not made to a listed city/place, read the notes on the board to determine the most appropriate price. Benefit rates are negotiated as part of the university`s overall collective agreement. The rate of a person on a proposal depends on his vocation to the university.

If they have a full-time job, two plans are possible – one with OTRS retirement and one without. ORS uses the full withdrawal rate for each proposal, regardless of the person`s appointment, in accordance with Research Financial Services` instructions. If a prompt requires a breakdown of what the secondary rate includes, contact your Proposal Development Specialist (PDS). Many sponsors want details about travel expenses such as the duration of the trip, the purpose, flight or mileage costs, the daily allowance, registration, the number of people, the location of the planned conference, etc. Review the sponsor`s policies to determine their needs (some guidelines may also require or restrict travel and specify locations or goals). Federal governments (and many non-federal proponents) generally prefer to use government fares, travel resources, | GSA. If circumstances require the trip to be less than an official fare, a justification is required (e.B. you can stay with a relative or share resources with another member of the research team).

There are also accepted gaps for the inclusion of additional means such as increased security needs. Investigators should not assume that approved travel rates can be used or spent in the submission or allocation of budgets without prior consultation with the proponent. Facilities and administrative (Q&A) rates are the mechanisms used to reimburse the university for the cost of infrastructure support, i.e. Q&A costs, related to sponsored research and other sponsored agreements. Question and answer rates are essentially overheads calculated as a percentage of the direct costs of sponsored projects. These are real costs to the university and support projects directly sponsored by the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. Sometimes question and answer rates are called indirect cost rates. 2022: The common basis for calculating the rate of indirect costs at the university is the total modified direct costs (MTDC), which are the total direct costs without equipment, capital expenditures, patient care costs, tuition fees, rental costs for external institutions, scholarships and scholarships, and the share of each sub-loan and subcontract of more than US$25,000. The University adheres to the legal restrictions established by most sponsors; A researcher can request an OSA, instruction, and off-campus rate, depending on the parameters of the prompt and the specific proposal. If you believe that your proposal is NOT organized research AND/OR if you believe that it should NOT be submitted to the full IDC of the 55% organizational unit, you must submit a form requesting an alternative activity/IDC restriction code.

No restrictions on IDC are used in the budgets of university-sponsored programs, with the exception of rates approved by the Office of Research Services (ORS). The salaries indicated in a proposal must coincide with the appointments of positions. If a change of position, promotion/salary is in progress, the new salary/projected salary may be used in proposal submissions provided that the change can be documented (email, PIF, etc.). Proposal budgets with start dates of more than six months in the future can also start with an escalation rate for a possible increase in the cost of living. Although the OU does not have a prescribed ”salary range” for positions, there are some dean`s tips under Memos and Forms on Academic Procedures in Academic Staff and Budget Records: This includes minimum faculty appointments, lecturers, research assistants, and additional payment. Some sponsors also provide advice on minimum or maximum values for different positions. Several OU departments provide guidance to their faculty and staff, and we recommend that you ask your department for the average salary of a position if you are considering hiring a post-doctoral fellow or GRA.

Note that the actual payment during the assignment is based on the actual current appointment to the organizational unit. Increases in a proposed budget do not guarantee that salary will actually be affected by these projections, unless increases or other salary-related measures result in the projected amount. Gently funded individuals or individuals whose appointments are partially funded smoothly can change their salary to align with grant funding. A normal AGR appointment is considered full-time with 0.5 FTEs. The Graduate College has set a minimum for GRA salaries (, but some departments have higher minimum wages. GRA dates also include a tuition waiver, unless this is expressly restricted by the sponsor. GRA`s tuition remittance policy, pricing and FAQ can be found on the Tuition Remittance Practice page. The University of Oklahoma negotiates our collective agreements with the cognitive agency, the Department of Health and Human Resources. These rates are used for all sponsored bid submissions to an organization. Some organizations call this a NICRA (Negotiated Indirect Cost Rate Agreement). We have four fixed rates based on the activity code: Extract from the joint benefit rates based on the current agreement: FY22 Marginal Rates (pdf).

The tariffs approved in this Agreement are subject to the terms and conditions set out in Section III for grants, contracts and other agreements with the Federal Government. What possibilities! These are the words spoken by ouu`s first president, David Ross Boyd, when he got off the train at Norman and looked over the grounds on which the university would eventually stand. More than 125 years later, those words still seem true. During the budget development phase, a specific institutional base salary (ICS) is required for all identified employees to work on the project. Benefits should also be included in the budget. The corresponding rates can be found in the following table. If additional reports or requests are required, see the Statistics tab, Dashboards, or contact ORS Data Manager. Die ursprüngliche Facilities & Administrative Rate Agreement (auch Indirect Cost genannt) und die Fringe Benefits Rate Agreement sind in einem Dokument zusammengefasst: EIN #: 73-1377584 INSTITUTION: University of Oklahoma 660 Parrington Oval Room 204 Norman, OK 73019-3076 On Campus Rate 45% Off Campus Rate 26% DHHS F& A Rate Agreement Datum: 03/07/2019. . . .

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